Motorcycle goggles

The perfect harmony between technological innovation and elegance.

Discover Eyeful motorcycle goggles and masks for a superior riding experience and unmatched style.

Optics motorcycle.

Eyeful, founded by visionary designer Gilles Noël, is an emblematic French brand in the world of eyewear and masks for motorcyclists.

Based in the heart of the Ain department, known for its rich heritage in optics and plastics processing, Eyeful draws inspiration from its surroundings to create exceptional pieces.

Assembled with care in Bourg-en-Bresse, the brand offers a diverse range with about ten models that offer a wide choice of shapes suitable for motorcyclists.

Between elegance and functionality, Eyeful has established itself as a reference for demanding motorcyclists.

Motorcycle goggles with prescription AKO EYEFUL

Eyeful’s top of the line AKO motorcycle goggles have a removable inner frame in which correction lenses can be inserted.

The ergonomic and technical design is made possible by the use of Grilamid TR90, a polyamide with incredible properties in terms of strength and torsion, perfect for motorcycles and especially comfortable to wear under a helmet.

The thermoformed and micro-ventilated inner foam is removable, preventing fogging of the lenses. An included headband allows you to switch to motorcycle vision protection mode in a few easy steps.

The AKO also comes with 3 interchangeable lenses that you can choose from 8 colors, a case and a cleaning cloth.

Between elegance and functionality, Eyeful has established itself as a reference for demanding motorcyclists.

lunettes moto EYEFUL

Monture à la vue

Monture interne amovible accueillant des verres correcteurs

8 couleurs

Écrans oculaires interchangeables parmi 8 coloris

Monture légère

Extérieur en Grilamid® + mousse thermoformée intérieur

Branches souples

Branches confortables sous un casque + bandeau élastique

Motorcycle goggles

En moto, la sécurité est une priorité absolue. Outre le port d’un casque et de vêtements de protection adaptés, il est essentiel de prendre en compte la protection des yeux. Les lunettes de moto jouent un rôle clé pour assurer la sécurité du motard sur la route, tout en offrant une série d’autres avantages qui améliorent l’expérience de conduite. Voici une liste des principaux avantages de l’utilisation de lunettes de moto :

Motorcycle goggles: Benefits

  1. Protection from debris: EYEFUL motorcycle goggles protect your eyes from debris that can fly around while riding at high speeds. This includes small stones, insects, dust and other particles that could damage your eyes.

  2. Protection from wind: When you ride at high speed, the wind can sting your eyes and cause watery eyes. Motorcycle goggles block the wind and help keep a clear view.

  3. UV protection: The motorcycle goggles protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can prevent long-term eye damage such as cataracts. (Models Cat.3 and 4)

  4. Increased comfort: the motorcycle goggles are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, with adjustable straps and soft materials that conform to your face shape.

  5. Style: In addition to their functional benefits, motorcycle goggles are also a stylish choice.

  6. Anti-fog: EYEFUL motorcycle goggles have anti-fog coatings or ventilation systems that prevent lens fogging, which can be especially useful in damp or cold conditions.

  7. Durability: EYEFUL motorcycle goggles are made of durable, impact-resistant materials to withstand the rigors of riding on the road.

  8. Helmet Compatibility: EYEFUL motorcycle goggles are designed to be worn comfortably with a helmet, which is not always the case with ordinary sunglasses or prescription glasses.