When riding a motorcycle, accessories all have a purpose and a role to play. While some are more essential than others, they are all valuable and practical. Special motorcycle sunglasses also have their own advantages over regular sunglasses.

Motorcycle eyeglasses sunglasses version

Indispensable if you have vision problems, motorcycle eyewear is ideal because it is adapted to helmets and created for motorcyclists. The Eyeful AKO model has the advantage of integrating a kit for corrective lenses independent of sunglasses. This feature allows you to change the color of your tinted shields (lenses) easily. In addition, the temples of these glasses have been thought and developed to be comfortable under a motorcycle helmet.

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Motorcycle eyeglasses

The ultimate motorcycle goggle.

The advantages of special motorcycle sunglasses

AKO motorcycle glasses are specially designed to meet the needs of motorcyclists. Thanks to their design, they are very different from classic sunglasses and are intended for a particular use: motorcycle. The special motorcycle sunglasses have the advantage of being comfortable thanks to short, flexible, but robust temples. The temples fit perfectly between the helmet and the temple of the biker, they do not hurt, do not create pain and remain in place without creating pressure marks on the skin.

Safety and comfort on the road

The tinted lenses of motorcycle sunglasses offer optimal glare protection for motorcycle riders. The lenses minimize the extreme glare sometimes produced by shiny surfaces and reflections of the sun. This is a real safety gain for road users and motorcyclists. Various categories of filtration are offered on lunettesmoto.com. Also, 3 eyeglasses are provided in our AKO pack, so you can have different types of protection for all your motorcycle rides.

Finally, bikers need to be able to check their mirrors without having to turn their heads constantly. Thus, the shapes of the glasses and lenses are adapted to this very particular condition. The sunglasses dedicated to bikers have the advantage of ensuring a certain safety to their users, but also to offer them a high level of comfort on the road. They are distinguished by their shape, their quality of manufacture and their glasses, which adapt to the needs of motorcycle owners.