Many bikers who are lucky enough to ride a Harley Davidson have adopted the iconic style that has accompanied the brand for many years. Leather jacket and glasses are part of their panoply! So, which glasses should be associated with a Harley Davidson look?

The glasses to match with a Harley Davidson

There are many types of motorcycle eyewear that can go with a Harley-Davidson look. But if aesthetics is a criterion of choice here, it should not be the only one! Always go for motorcycle glasses and not classic glasses. The latter are not necessarily adapted to motorcycle riding and can be dangerous or unpleasant to wear. Instead, opt for motorcycle glasses that are adapted to the practice of motorcycling.

The motorcycle glasses

The streamlined style glasses are a perfect match for the Harley Davidson style. Many motorcycle and leather jacket enthusiasts wear them. There are photochromic eyewear lines for Harley Davidson, like our EYEFUL AKO model. In addition, the glasses with optical kit are those that are best suited to those who wear corrective lenses but not only, in fact, the optical kit of AKO can be removed by simple clips for bikers with no vision problem. Also, these lenses allow you to change the color of your tinted lenses easily, so as to meet the expectations and tastes of all bikers!

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Motorcycle eyeglasses

The ultimate motorcycle goggle.

Motorcycle masks

If you want, you can wear a motorcycle goggle to match your Harley Davidson style. The EYEFUL AKO model comes with a headband that clips on instead of the regular temples, turning your glasses into a motorcycle goggle for you. They match perfectly with jet helmets and all the iconic accessories of the famous Harley Davidson brand. And the vintage effect is even more interesting here, since it goes very well with the old mechanics and the most beautiful motorcycles of the brand.