In everyday life, vision problems can be very disabling despite the existing solutions and all the technologies. On a motorcycle, being short-sighted can also have some disadvantages. What solutions are available to motorcyclists with myopia? Can you ride a motorcycle with poor vision? Are motorcycle sunglasses a good solution? The answers.

Vision problems and motorcycle, what solution?

As road users, both motorcyclists and car drivers have certain obligations, especially with regard to any vision problems they may have. If your eyesight does not allow you to ride in optimal visibility conditions, you are required to wear a corrective device, which may be corrective glasses or contact lenses.

In case of a proven vision problem, your driver’s license may mention the obligation to wear a correction solution (glasses or contact lenses). If you fail to comply with this obligation, you may be held responsible in the event of an accident. Moreover, if you are controlled without a correction device, you can be fined and even have points removed from your license.

Myopia on a motorcycle: how to be well equipped?

Fortunately, the fact that you need optical correction does not prevent you from driving or riding a motorcycle. You just have to choose the right solution for your equipment and vision problems. For optimal visibility on a motorcycle, you can choose between wearing glasses or contacts. Glasses are generally less tiring to wear. But if the corrective device doesn’t fit your helmet, they can fog up or be uncomfortable. In this case, opt for anti-fog lenses or special motorcycle glasses. As for contact lenses, they can be pleasant to wear and widen the field of vision. But beware of irritation!

In good weather, it is necessary to wear sunglasses specifically treated against ultraviolet (UV) rays. These can be progressive glasses that adapt to your vision, for example. However, you should know that the law prohibits driving with category 4 sunglasses.

Motorcycle eyewear with integrated optical kit

Motorcycle glasses with optical kit like the EYEFUL AKO model are a solution to consider for motorcyclists suffering from myopia or any other vision problem. Indeed, thanks to their design, they allow to wear an optical correction with all the comfort of a sunglasses. These glasses were created for bikers by bikers. They are equipped with an internal frame allowing to install corrective lenses. The big advantage is that you can change tinted lenses without having to remove the corrective frame. Any optician can install lenses adapted to your vision in AKO glasses equipped with this optical kit. Also, this model of eyewear is perfectly suited for helmet use. The short and flexible temples fit perfectly between the temple and the foam of all types of helmets.

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What you should know about corrective lenses

While contact lenses are an ideal optical correction solution for many people, they are not always appropriate for motorcycle riding. In fact, contact lens wearers are often advised to have a pair of glasses as a backup. It is always possible to lose a lens or have a bad reaction to it. If you are on a motorcycle trip, having a pair of glasses will allow you to continue safely and legally.

Also, contact lenses should be avoided with jet helmets and open face helmets. The wind causes the lens to dry out, which in turn causes irritation. In this case, you should opt for a motorcycle mask or a full-face helmet.

All opticians are able to install corrective lenses on the AKO optical kit. In addition, you should know that your mutual insurance company may cover this expense as part of the reimbursement of vision correction devices.