Difficult to make a choice between motorcycle goggles and motorcycle mask? Both solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your use. In the end, the choice belongs to the biker that you are!

The motorcycle glasses

The motorcycle glasses are very widespread. Light, robust, practical and aesthetic, they appeal to a large number of motorcyclists. When they are specifically adapted to the practice of motorcycle, they marry the shape of your face and do not exert any unpleasant pressure on it. However, before buying them, it is necessary to make sure that they are not ordinary sunglasses but « special motorcycle » models. Indeed, the classic glasses are not ideal to be placed under a helmet, the branches are generally too long and too fragile which risks to deform them and to hurt you. Moreover, the glasses, even profiled, will let the air and the dust pass.

If you’re going to get glasses made for motorcycling, then choose good quality ones. This will ensure that you get thin, flexible temples that fit easily into the helmet without causing pain. Indeed, the main risk is to buy uncomfortable or painful motorcycle glasses.

In addition, motorcycle glasses have the advantage of being compatible with different types of lenses. If you wish, you can change the tint of your glasses at any time. And even opt for photochromic lenses! Not all goggles have these systems.

Motorcycle masks

Here again, there are a lot of models and styles as diverse as varied. From cross country masks to vintage motorcycle masks, the choice is really wide. From an aesthetic point of view, bikers are not short of choices.

Unlike goggles, the markings are attached around the motorcycle helmet. This means that bikers do not feel the fastener, which is pleasant. They can, if they wish, put the mask on before the helmet. Whichever solution you choose, make sure you attach and tighten the motorcycle mask properly so that it doesn’t slip off. This could cause discomfort while riding.

Once in place, the mask is an ideal protective accessory for the eyes. It is solid, robust and practical. Moreover, it remains perfectly in place, even with the speed. This is very appreciable! Today, most masks are equipped with systems and foams that prevent the structure from exerting pressure on the biker’s face. But to do this, you must take care to adjust it properly.

Hybrid models: glasses + mask

There is an alternative that offers a variety of benefits, hybrid motorcycle eyewear. Our Eyeful AKO model is a perfect example. It comes with temples that fit your motorcycle helmet, but it also comes with an elastic headband that replaces the traditional temples. Perfect for bikers who want to have goggles with temples or a mask with a headband. In addition, AKO goggles come with a prescription lens kit. This can be clipped into the goggle to suit your needs. If you don’t have any vision problems, then you can simply remove this kit. Discover the Eyeful glasses/masks here :

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