Motorcycle eyeglasses EYEFUL AKO

The French brand EYEFUL has developed a pair of motorcycle sunglasses suitable for helmet use! Light, comfortable, safe.


Created in France

EYEFUL is a brand based in Eastern France that manufactures AKO eyewear mainly in France and Italy.


Since 2005

Specialists in technical eyewear for helmet wearers, we have been satisfying our customers for nearly 17 years!


Customer Service & After Sales

We are available to answer your questions. Also, you should know that spare parts are followed on average 10 years.


Motorcycle glasses with corrective lenses

The EYEFUL AKO motorcycle glasses include an optical kit for corrective lenses. This kit is installed in 1 second between the frame and the colored lens (tinted screen). You can thus change the color of your lenses quickly without removing the optical kit.

Demonstration video

Internal frame for corrective lenses at your sight

100% suitable for progressive lenses

The EYEFUL AKO motorcycle sunglasses is one of the only models on the market that allows for progressive lenses. Effective and proven by thousands of customers around the world.

Easy to install

The EYEFUL metal frame for corrective lenses has been developed to fit perfectly with the ergonomics of the AKO glasses. It clips on to the AKO frame in 1 second.

Myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia...

Any optician will be able to easily install lenses to your vision on the metal frame, whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic or farsighted.

Glass replacement

If your vision changes, have your new lenses installed on the same metal frame, which can be unscrewed to free up the lenses for a possible replacement.

Lightweight and comfortable motorcycle eyewear

EYEFUL AKO motorcycle eyewear has a contoured frame and temples made of Grilamid®: a lightweight, durable and stylish material.
The inner side is made of a firm, comfortable removable foam that protects you from the wind and prevents fogging.


Only 50 grams for the whole bezel


Shock resistant, does not deform


Interchangeable colors

Adapt the tint of your lenses according to your use. We offer 8 lens colors in different categories: smoked, brown, green, orange, yellow, transparent... Change from one tint to another easily and quickly without tools: clipped and magnetized, EYEFUL lenses are interchangeable in a snap!
couleurs verres lunettes de vue moto eyeful

3 eyepieces included, to choose from

The EYEFUL AKO motorcycle glasses come with 3 colored lenses.

8 different colors

A total of 8 eyepieces are adaptable to the AKO mount.

Motorcycle goggles or mask

Flexible branches

The AKO EYEFUL motorcycle glasses are equipped with short and flexible temples designed to provide maximum comfort to the wearer. AKO goggles are suitable for all types of helmets (jet, full face, modular...).

Motorcycle mask with view

It is also possible to change the temples with the supplied EYEFUL headband and then switch to motorcycle mask mode. Take advantage of the comfort of a motorcycle mask adapted to your eyesight thanks to the EYEFUL corrective lenses optical kit. The headband allows you to switch to a motorcycle cross goggle without difficulty.

Depending on your use and your desires, switch from one to the other in a few seconds. Biker goggles, classic biker goggles, motorcycle mask... find your look.
masques moto lunettes de vue

Composition of the order


Grilamid® mount


Thermoformed foam


Metal optical frame

Branches et bandeau

Branches and headband


3 eyepieces - Choice of colors

Étui + lingette

Case + wipe

Are you looking for motorcycle glasses that fit your helmet? A pair of motorcycle goggles is an essential piece of equipment for any good biker. These sunglasses / goggles protect you from wind, rain, dust and sun while riding. Having glasses under your motorcycle helmet is now a must for both safety and comfort of vision.

The EYFUL AKO glasses

The AKO cheap motorcycle eyewear models are equipped with an optical kit that can accommodate corrective lenses. Thus, this type of glasses is perfectly recommended for wearers of corrective lenses even for progressive lenses. The kit of glasses to the sight is installed inside the frame glasses for motorcycle to allow to change the mirrored lenses.

Motorcycle eyepieces

Lenses (tinted screens) are available in several colors. The lens colors are smoke, orange, yellow, green, clear and brown. These lenses are mounted on the EYEFUL AKO frame and can be changed and replaced at will. A lens must protect the wearer of the glasses properly, which is why the lenses are categorized into different types: the categories of motorcycle glasses lenses range from category 1 to category 4, thus offering a good level of tint and protection.

Équipement et entretien

The EYEFUL motorcycle glasses can be disassembled to change parts as needed. The temples can be removed as well as the different elements composing the frame of the glasses. The AKO model is also equipped with soft goggle temples and an elastic headband that allows you to switch from a motorcycle goggle model to a motorcycle mask. The motorcycle goggle is easier to integrate under a motorcycle helmet. Jet helmets, full-face helmets and bowl helmets allow you to put goggles or motorcycle goggles underneath.

How to put your glasses with a motorcycle helmet?

Conventional eyewear or sunglasses are generally not suitable for wearing a motorcycle helmet and have a relative comfort and limited durability. The EYEFUL AKO motorcycle glasses have been created by and for motorcyclists. The short and flexible temples offer unequalled comfort under all types of helmets (full-face, jet…). Wearing special motorcycle glasses is the assurance of a good support in all circumstances with an optimum comfort. Also, for eyeglass wearers, EYEFUL AKO glasses have an internal frame to accommodate corrective lenses. This avoids the biker with eye diseases such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia to superimpose corrective glasses under the sunglasses. The EYEFUL AKO have been designed to meet the requirements of all bikers, even those with a prescription.


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