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Ultra Modular! Without constraint!

Here are the EYEFUL AKO

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Kit for corrective lenses | Contoured Grilamid® frame | Flexible temples adapted to the helmet | Elastic headband to transform into a mask | Anti-fogging thermoformed inner foam

Kit for corrective lenses

Let your optician mount your corrective lenses on the EYEFUL optical kit and enjoy motorcycle glasses that fit your eyes. The EYEFUL optical kit clips into the frame and allows you to change lenses in 2 seconds.

Glasses or mask?

The AKO EYEFUL motorcycle glasses are equipped with short and flexible temples designed to provide maximum comfort to the wearer. AKO goggles are suitable for all types of helmets (jet, full face, modular...).

It is also possible to change the temples with the supplied EYEFUL headband and then switch to motorcycle mask mode. Take advantage of the comfort of a motorcycle mask adapted to your eyesight thanks to the EYEFUL corrective lenses optical kit. The headband allows you to switch to a motorcycle cross goggle without difficulty.


Grilamid frame

Lightweight (50g) and robust. Color: matte black, soft touch. Grilamid® is a high-end technical thermoplastic used in demanding applications. Shockproof, flexible and resistant, Grilamid® is perfectly adapted to motorcycle glasses.

Optical kit for corrective lenses

Metal frame allowing all opticians to mount corrective lenses. EYEFUL's research and development department has created a unique technology: the frame is mounted and dismounted without tools by a simple clip.

Thermoformed foam

Removable thermoformed interior foam: for optimal comfort without letting air, insects or dust through. Breathable, the interior foam prevents lenses and lenses from fogging.

Tinted lenses

The EYEFUL motorcycle goggle is delivered with 3 tinted lens screens to choose from 8 colors. These lenses are clipped and magnetized to the EYEFUL frame. The tool-free attachment system allows you to switch your screens easily and quickly. The eyepieces are available in the following colors: yellow, orange, smoke gray, green, brown, and clear.

Branches and headband

EYEFUL motorcycle goggles temples have been designed to offer maximum comfort to helmet wearers. The temples are placed on the ear without hurting or irritating the biker. They can be removed for replacement or to fit the supplied elastic headband. This wide elastic band allows an optimal support.


A carrying case is provided. It allows you to safely store your AKO glasses and 3 lenses. It can be clipped thanks to its hook or fixed to a belt. You will also find in your package, a cleaning wipe with the brand's logo.

Warranty and follow-up

The EYEFUL AKO glasses are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding lenses). The spare parts are available for about 10 years.

Customer service

The customer service is based in the east of France. We remain available on request.

These motorcycle glasses have been specially designed and developed to be worn under various types of helmets (full face helmet, jet helmet, modular helmet…). They can also be used as motorcycle sunglasses when equipped with tinted lenses to filter UV rays. Of course, these glasses can also be worn without a helmet, for example at the beach or while hiking.

In order to keep your Eyeful motorcycle sunglasses over time and to adapt them to your needs, all parts of these innovative glasses are interchangeable (modular system). All parts are available for over 10 years in our EYEFUL stock. The glasses are delivered with thin, but strong and flexible temples, very comfortable to wear, which can be replaced by an elastic strap (also included in the delivery). The material of the temples and the frame of the Eyeful motorcycle glasses is made of Grilamid, a technical and very resistant material, but still soft and comfortable.

To avoid unpleasant draughts, a padded frame made of thermoformed foam is present inside the Eyeful motorcycle glasses. Fogging of the lenses is largely prevented by this specially developed additional frame (included in delivery).

These glasses can be worn not only for motorcycling, but also for many other sports where the helmet is used.

Tinted lenses

The AKO motorcycle goggles are supplied with 3 colored eye lenses (front lens) with different filtering properties, which can be selected from 8 different colors. Of course, we leave it to you to choose the colors according to your use of the glasses.

Categories of glasses

The filtering properties of the lenses offered with Eyeful motorcycle glasses are divided into 5 different categories:

  • Category 0: These lenses have light colors (for example, white) or have a very light tint. They filter from 0 to 19% of the sun’s rays and offer aesthetic comfort combined with physical eye protection (e.g. against dust or flies).
  • Category 1: Lightly tinted lenses (e.g. yellow or orange) in this category filter out between 20% and 57% of the sun’s intensity. This type of filtration is recommended in case of heavy cloud cover, fog or even at night. However, the use of this category is not recommended in case of strong sunlight.
  • Category 2 : These sun protection lenses are slightly darker than category 1, filtering between 58% and 82%. This protection is suitable for medium light conditions.
  • Category 3: This category is perfect for most sunny situations. The lenses filter out 83% to 92% of sunlight. They offer excellent eye protection against sunlight and glare. This light protection is especially effective in bright sunlight (summer, beach, and winter sports).
  • Category 4: This is the strongest light protection and filters up to 97% of the light. It is used in cases of extreme sunlight where the luminosity is increased tenfold (reflection on snow and water – mountaineering, boating, etc.) Caution: as perception is impaired, it is forbidden to wear lenses of this category when driving a car or motorcycle.


EYEFUL AKO sunglasses comply with the European directive 89/686/CEE according to the standard EN 18836 : 2005 / A1 : 2007 (sunglasses for general use).

Eyeglass sizes:

Width of the glasses (screw to screw) :

In order to determine the right size for your EYEFUL motorcycle glasses, we recommend that you measure the distance between the two temples of the glasses you already own. Then choose the EYEFUL frame that most closely matches your measurement. The sizes of the EYEFUL AKO glasses are :

  • SPRINGFIELD – 133 mm
  • LINCOLN – 137 mm
  • FLAGSTAFF – 145 mm

Do you need prescription lenses?

All prescription lenses can be worn with these glasses – even progressive lenses! In this set, we also provide an optical frame, which can easily be clicked into the frame between the grind and the lenses.

The optician of your choice can insert lenses of your prescription (including progressive lenses) into this optical frame. We recommend an anti-reflective coating on the lenses, lens hardening and anti-fog coating are not mandatory.

The frame is made of durable metal (not plastic) and can be reused, meaning that even if your vision correction changes, you can simply insert new lenses into the frame.

  • Warranty on the frame: 2 years
  • Shipping time : 2 days

Myopia and motorcycle: which glasses to choose?

In everyday life, vision problems can be very disabling despite the existing solutions and all the technologies. On a motorcycle, being short-sighted can also have some disadvantages. What solutions are available to motorcyclists with myopia? Can you ride a motorcycle with poor vision? Are motorcycle sunglasses a good solution? The answers.

Vision problems and motorcycle, what solution?

As road users, both motorcyclists and car drivers have certain obligations, especially with regard to any vision problems they may have. If your eyesight does not allow you to drive in optimal visibility conditions, you are required to wear a corrective device, which may be corrective glasses or contact lenses.

In case of a proven vision problem, your driver’s license may mention the obligation to wear a corrective solution (glasses or contact lenses). If you do not comply with this obligation, you may be held responsible in case of an accident. Moreover, if you are controlled without a correction device, you can be fined and even have points removed from your license.

Myopia on a motorcycle: how to be well equipped?

Fortunately, the fact that you need optical correction does not prevent you from driving or riding a motorcycle. You just have to choose the right solution for your equipment and vision problems. For optimal visibility on a motorcycle, you can choose between wearing glasses or contacts. Glasses are generally less tiring to wear. But if the corrective device doesn’t fit your helmet, they can fog up or be uncomfortable. In this case, opt for anti-fog lenses or special motorcycle glasses. As for contact lenses, they can be pleasant to wear and widen the field of vision. But beware of irritation!

In good weather, it is necessary to wear sunglasses specifically treated against ultraviolet rays (UV). These can be progressive glasses that adapt to your vision, for example. However, you should know that the law prohibits driving with category 4 sunglasses.

Motorcycle eyewear with integrated optical kit

Motorcycle glasses with optical kit like the EYEFUL AKO model are a solution to consider for motorcyclists suffering from myopia or any other vision problem. Indeed, thanks to their design, they allow to wear an optical correction with all the comfort of a sunglasses. These glasses were created for bikers by bikers. They are equipped with an internal frame allowing to install corrective lenses. The big advantage is that you can change tinted lenses without having to remove the corrective frame. Any optician can install lenses adapted to your vision in AKO glasses equipped with this optical kit. Also, this model of eyewear is perfectly suited for helmet use. The short and flexible temples fit perfectly between the temple and the foam of all types of helmets.

Since 2005, thousands of customers trust us for their optical equipment. Quality, service, follow-up of the parts… Offer to your eyes the best motorcycle glasses to the sight.

What you should know about corrective lenses

While contact lenses are an ideal optical correction solution for many people, they are not always appropriate for motorcycle riding. In fact, contact lens wearers are often advised to have a pair of glasses as a backup. It is always possible to lose a lens or have a bad reaction to it. If you’re in the middle of a motorcycle ride, having a pair of glasses will keep you safe and in compliance with the law.

Contact lenses should be avoided with jet helmets and open face helmets. Indeed, the wind causes the lens to dry out, which in turn causes irritation. In this case, you should opt for a motorcycle mask or a full-face helmet.

All opticians are able to install corrective lenses on the AKO optical kit. In addition, you should know that your health insurance company may cover this expense as part of the reimbursement of vision correction devices.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Are you looking for motorcycle glasses that fit your helmet? A pair of motorcycle goggles is an essential piece of equipment for any good biker. These sunglasses / goggles protect you from wind, rain, dust and sun while riding. Having glasses under your motorcycle helmet is now a must for both safety and comfort of vision.

The EYEFUL motorcycle glasses can be disassembled to change parts as needed. The temples can be removed as well as the different elements composing the frame of the glasses. The AKO model is also equipped with soft goggle temples and an elastic headband that allows you to switch from a motorcycle goggle model to a motorcycle mask. The motorcycle goggle is easier to integrate under a motorcycle helmet. Jet helmets, full-face helmets and bowl helmets allow you to put motorcycle goggles or masks underneath.

EYEFUL goggles are delivered with the following elements:

external frame
internal foam
frame with the sight
elastic headband
3 lenses
storage case
cleaning wipe

We offer 3 sizes for the AKO motorcycle eyewear: 133mm, 137mm and 145mm.

Follow our advice to know the size adapted to your face:

Take a pair of glasses you already own (prescription or sunglasses)
Place it on the edge of a table
Using a ruler or a tape measure, measure the distance between the two screws of the temples
If the screws are inaccessible, measure the distance between the axes of the temples
Now please choose the AKO frame that is closest to your measurement in millimeters.


your measurement: 132mm = model 133mm Springfield
your measurement: 135mm = model 137mm Lincoln your measurement
measurement: 143mm = 145mm Flagstaf model
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Yes, perfectly. The metal frame for optical lenses can accommodate progressive lenses. Also, the space between the frame and the eye allows an easy vision of near (to see the meter, a GPS…) as well as of far (driving).
The metal frame for corrective lenses is clipped to the center of the EYEFUL frame. This manipulation is easily done in a few seconds.
Yes, all opticians will be able to mount corrective lenses to your sight on the EYEFUL frame. Many opticians use the AKO model for their own use.

The eyepieces are the tinted screens that attach to the EYEFUL frame. They are available in several colors. The colors offered are smoked gray, orange, yellow, green, transparent and brown. These lens shields are mounted on the EYEFUL AKO frame and can be changed and replaced at will. A motorcycle lens must properly protect the wearer of the glasses, which is why they are categorized into different types: the categories of motorcycle glasses range from category 1 to category 4, offering a good level of tint and protection.

Yes, changing your lenses is very simple. Two clips are used to securely attach the lenses to the frame. This is done by hand in a few seconds and without tools.
The EYEFUL metal inner frame is evolutionary. Its circumference can be unbolted to free the lenses. Thus, an optician will be able to replace your lenses without changing the frame.

Conventional eyewear or sunglasses are generally not suitable for wearing a motorcycle helmet and have a relative comfort and limited durability. The EYEFUL AKO motorcycle glasses have been created by and for motorcyclists. The short and flexible temples offer unequalled comfort under all types of helmets (full-face, jet…). Wearing special motorcycle glasses is the assurance of a good support in all circumstances with an optimum comfort. Also, for eyeglass wearers, EYEFUL AKO glasses have an internal frame to accommodate corrective lenses. This avoids the biker with eye diseases such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia to superimpose corrective glasses under the sunglasses. The EYEFUL AKO have been designed to meet the requirements of all bikers, even those with a prescription.

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