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Let's try to answer that before the question is asked. 😉

We offer 3 sizes for the AKO motorcycle visor: 133mm, 137mm and 145mm. Follow our advice to find the right size for your face:
  1. Bring a pair of glasses you already own (prescription glasses or sunglasses)
  2. Place it on the edge of a table.
  3. Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the two screws on the branches.
  4. If the screws are inaccessible, measure between the branch axes.
  5. Choose the AKO frame that most closely matches your millimeter size.
Example :
  • your size : 132mm = model 133mm Springfield
  • your size : 135mm = model 137mm Lincoln votre
  • your size : 143mm = model 145mm Flagstaf
measure the size of the motorcycle frame glasses

See other big picture

Yes, perfectly. The metal optical lens frame can accommodate progressive lenses. In addition, the space between the frame and the eye allows easy viewing up close (to see the meter, a GPS…) as well as at a distance (driving).
The metal frame for the corrective lenses is attached to the center of the EYEFUL frame. This is easily done in seconds.
Yes, all opticians will be able to fit corrective lenses to the EYEFUL frame. Many opticians use the AKO model for their own use.
Yes, changing lenses is very easy. Two clips are used to attach the lenses to the frame. This is done by hand in seconds and without tools.
The EYEFUL internal metal frame is evolutionary. Its circumference can be unscrewed to release the lenses. This allows the optician to replace the lenses without changing the frame.
Yes, delivery is completely free worldwide. Your glasses will be shipped within 2 working days and transported by the French postal service Colissimo with tracking and signature worldwide.
Lunettes Moto only accepts payment by card.
We use the French platform Payplug to secure transactions on our site. PayPlug is a payment institution authorized by the Bank of France CIB 16778.
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