Wearing sunglasses on a motorcycle is often necessary. And this, in order to benefit from a perfect visibility and an optimal driving comfort. But there are clear differences between classic sunglasses and those specially designed for motorcyclists.

The frames and arms of the glasses

First of all, it is worth noting the difference between the shape of these two types of sunglasses.

Classic sunglasses

The classic sunglasses are intended for various uses in everyday life. From leisure activities to beach outings, they accompany us everywhere. Their shape is essentially based on aesthetic criteria rather than safety or comfort. Indeed, with classic sunglasses, style takes precedence over everything else. The frames are rigid, but often brittle and not very solid. The temples are curved and positioned behind the ears. Depending on their size and shape, the temples can cause discomfort or even pain to the biker.

The special sunglasses for bikers

As far as the special sunglasses for bikers are concerned, they are only intended for one and only use: driving a motorcycle. There are no sunglasses more suitable for driving in very bright or blinding light. The special motorcycle glasses, even if they are declined in several styles and different forms, are intended only for a use on road. They have been designed and developed to ensure the safety and comfort of the motorcyclist in all situations. If there are aesthetic criteria in their design, they are in no way a priority.

As a result, the frames have elements aimed at optimizing the wearer’s comfort (foams, contours, nose protectors…). In the same way, the temples are flexible, but solid. They are designed to resist shocks, even in the event of a fall. Finally, the temples are slightly curved, which makes them easier to put on under the helmet. They do not bother the biker and do not cause him pain.

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The lenses of the sunglasses

The classic sunglasses and the special glasses for bikers do not offer the same lenses.

Classic sunglasses

Thus, classic sunglasses have equally classic lenses, whether they are of prestigious brands or not. As a result, even though they are often treated against scratches, they are rarely treated against fogging and impact! When riding a motorcycle, the strength of the equipment is to ensure the safety of the rider. Glasses that are likely to break in the event of an impact represent a real and significant risk for the wearer. In case of a fall, pieces of glass could seriously injure the motorcyclist. On the other hand, glasses that do not have an anti-fogging treatment can also represent a risk. When fogging up, the motorcyclist’s visibility is reduced. He has to stop to clean his glasses. This puts him at risk.

The special biker sunglasses

The lenses of motorcycle sunglasses are anti-fogging. It is safer to choose anti-fog lenses when riding a motorcycle. On the other hand, the lenses on motorcycle glasses and goggles are also designed to withstand the impact of falls. Therefore, with these glasses specifically made for driving use, there is much less risk of injury in the event of a fall.

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